Are generic brush heads OK?

Are generic brush heads OK?

At the end of the six-week testing periods, all of the brush heads—generic and brand-name—showed similar degrees of wear and tear. Ultimately, we feel best going with brushes that both feel a bit nicer and come with the assurance from the ADA that they’re safe to use.2018-08-21

Are Sonicare heads soft or medium?

The only difference is that the bristles are clear. The bristles are fall between medium and soft While Philips sonicare claims that the bristles are “extra soft” on the packaging, the shape of the center bristles gives a firmer feeling than the sensitive toothbrush head.

Is Oral B or Sonicare small brush head?

Oral-B brush heads are usually quite small. Instead of oscillating, Sonicare brushes move side-to-side in what is called sonic motion. While this is effective enough, the sonic motion necessitates a larger oval-shaped brush head which can be less comfortable to move around inside your mouth.

Are all Sonicare brushes the same?

There are several unique features that set apart one model of Sonicare toothbrush from another. But at the same time, all of them share many common features. The Philips Sonicare toothbrush trademark is a powerful 31,000 strokes per minute brushing option, a staple of almost every model (except the PowerUp).

What is the difference between Sonicare brush heads?

Brush Head Varieties DiamondClean brush heads offer better cleaning and gum health along with whiter teeth. ProResults brush heads give the best all-round cleaning effect and great plaque removal. InterCare brush heads have extra long bristles to access hard-to-reach areas inside your mouth.

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What does C2 mean on Sonicare?

C2 Optimal Plaque Control

Are all Sonicare brush heads the same size?

Each of these Sonicare brush heads come in two sizes Standard and Compact. The Standard brush head looks just like a manual toothbrush head and covers a larger surface area with each sweep. The Compact brush head is smaller and better suited to those with smaller mouths or if they have special needs.

Are all sonic toothbrush heads the same?

Most Sonicare heads are interchangeable With few exceptions, the range of brush heads on offer from Sonicare work with any brush handle. This means whether you have a DiamondClean Smart or a FlexCare brush handle you can use the Simply Clean or the Sensitive brush head if you prefer.2020-12-17

Does Sonicare clean teeth better?

Does a sonic toothbrush really work better? The available scientific evidence suggests that sonic toothbrushes are superior to manual toothbrushes. They are able to remove significantly more plaque during a single use than a manual toothbrush would.2020-10-18

Are all Sonicare replacement heads interchangeable?

All Sonicare models are interchangeable with the others when it comes to brush heads. So you won’t have to worry too much about whether or not a specific brush head will fit your brush handle.

Is Sonicare better than brushing?

Electric toothbrushes have brush heads that rotate at a rate of about 2,500 to 7,500 strokes per minute, compared to about 300 strokes per minutes when you brush with a manual toothbrush. Sonic toothbrushes vibrate much faster, at about 30,000 brushes per minute.2019-05-08

Is the Philips DiamondClean worth it?

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart electric toothbrush ($250) uses high-quality pieces and smart technology to clean teeth more effectively. After using the brush for a few weeks, my teeth not only felt significantly cleaner, but the connected app helped guide me to better brushing habits and techniques.2020-08-04

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Which Sonicare brush heads are the softest?

Uniquely designed with ultra soft bristles, the Philips Sonicare Sensitive brush head is soft on teeth and gums, yet effective on plaque. The ultra soft bristles combined with a new curved bristle field provide less pressure on teeth and gums to deliver a gentle, yet effective cleaning.

How do I know which Philips Sonicare I have?

Where to find correct model number for your Sonicare toothbrush or airfloss. Please find below product model number corresponding with your handle number. Product model number can be used in: My Philips registration tool.

Which toothbrush is best for whitening teeth?

Best for Whitening: Aquasonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush. Whitening treatments can drain your wallet, and sometimes they’re even a little uncomfortable. So, brighten your smile at home with this electric toothbrush designed specifically to whiten the look of your teeth.2022-02-15

What is the difference between Sonicare DiamondClean models?

The DiamondClean Smart comes with a Glass charging stand compared to the plastic charging stand with the DiamondClean. The DiamondClean Smart comes with a bottle of antibacterial spray. The DiamondClean Smart has an LED ring that illuminates when too much pressure is used when brushing.2020-04-01

Can you use different brush heads for Sonicare?

The snap on or click on brush heads are compatible with most of our rechargeable Sonicare Toothbrush handles. These will fit all Philips Sonicare toothbrush handles except for the PowerUp Battery and Essence model, which have their own unique brush heads.2021-10-29

What is the difference between G2 and C2 Sonicare brush heads?

If you were to buy and fit the C2 Optimal Plaque Defence brush head to the handle, it would pair with the ‘Clean’ mode whilst the G2 Optimal Gum Care brush head will pair with the Gum Care mode. The idea of this pairing is to achieve the best cleaning results possible.2021-04-27

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