Are planar magnetic drivers more fragile?

Are planar magnetic drivers more fragile?

The planar magnetic diaphragm is more fragile because it is a high-tension piece of extremely thin film, unlike dynamic drivers which have much thicker, rigid diaphragms.

Is the HiFiMAN Ananda worth it?

At $700 the Ananda is one of the best at doing this. It’s a very transparent window – not quite on the level of far more expensive flagships like the higher end Arya, or the HEDD audio HEDDphone – but still better than most if not all of the competition under $1000.2021-12-15

Is HiFiMan Ananda good?

The HiFiMAN Ananda are very pleasant and enjoyable headphones, amazingly comfortable and with a sound signature that’s easy to like. They do sound fantastic, with a slightly bright twist to an otherwise almost-neutral signature that can render any track effortlessly.2021-07-09

Do planar headphones need to be broken?

No, headphones do not require a period of burn-in time. Although it’s true that headphone drivers and housings will lose rigidity over time, this loss of rigidity will not result in a measurable increase in performance.2022-04-22

Is Ananda easy to drive?

Easy To Drive As with the Edition X Series, the Ananda is being pitched as Hifiman’s more efficient or portable source-friendly planar magnetic headphone in their line-up.2018-12-30

Is Ananda worth it over Sundara?

The HiFiMan Ananda are better critical listening headphones than the HiFiMan Sundara 2018, although not by much. The Ananda have a slightly more premium design and feel a bit more durable. However, the Sundara are a bit more compact and the price tag is noticeably lower, which offers a better overall value for most.

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How are planar magnetic headphones different?

Results: Planar magnetic drivers typically have a better bass response with more extension to the low-end frequencies. This means they have less roll-off than high-end open, dynamic headphones of the same caliber.2016-11-15

Are Ananda worth it?

At $700, the Ananda doesn’t really offer a big enough jump in sound quality to say worth twice the price of the already excellent Sundara. But that’s just how diminishing returns go. Whether you’ll willing to spend extra for the differences highlighted in this review is something only you can decide.2021-10-26

Is HiFiMan Sundara comfortable?

The Sundara is pretty comfortable. The pads feel luxuriously soft and the clamp strength feels just right for the headphones to stay in place without squeezing my head. Compared to the Sennheiser 560S and the Focal Clear, the Sundara feels more like a closed-back headphone.2021-06-28

How does a planar magnetic driver work?

Like a dynamic driver, the sound in a planar magnetic driver is generated by regulating the electrical flow through wires suspended in between magnets. But like an electrostatic driver, the diaphragm mechanism is replaced by directly vibrating a large, flat film, allowing for more precision and range.2017-10-14

Is HiFiMan Sundara heavy?

I trust that the new headband easily beats the previous designs in terms of comfort, but in terms of looks, I’m not sold. But I do find the Sundara very comfortable not too heavy, not too clampy, with a headband that does better at avoiding pressure points than practically any other headband I’ve tried.

Are HiFiMan Arya good for gaming?

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Full-Size Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone for If you’re really looking for top-of-the-line audiophile gaming headphones, then the HIFIMAN Arya is quite literally a no-brainer as long as you can afford its hefty price point.2022-02-11

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Do you need an amp for Ananda?

Amplification. At 25 Ohm Impedance and 103dB/mW of Sensitivity, the Ananda is very efficient and needs hardly any power at all to reach a good listening level. You can plug this baby right into your phone and it’s going to be plenty loud enough.2022-01-04

Is HiFiMan Arya worth over Ananda?

The HiFiMan Arya are better planar magnetic headphones for neutral sound than the HiFiMan Ananda. While both headphones have a similarly great build and feel comfortable, the Arya are a bit more neutral-sounding and deliver bass and treble more consistently.

Is HiFiMan Arya worth it?

The HiFiMAN Arya is an excellent sounding headphone that prioritizes clarity, soundstage, layering and depth. Importantly it’s able to do this without compromising on weight or comfort, being easily usable for long periods of time.2021-12-28

Is HiFiMAN Sundara easy to drive?

Driving the Sundara is easy as it is just 37 Ohms with a sensitivity of 94dB. A smartphone is ‘ok’ and can drive it to loud enough volumes, but wasn’t ideal. An audiophile DAP or desktop set up is still the most optimal way of using them.2018-05-28

Are HiFiMan headphones good?

The HiFiMan HE-400i are great critical listening headphones that are not really suitable for any other use case. They’re comfortable and deliver an excellent sounding audio reproduction. However, they can sound a bit sharp on already bright tracks, and they do not have as much bass as the Edition X.

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