Can a consumer unit be mounted on a wall?

Can a consumer unit be mounted on a wall?

Hi, Yes you can fit a consumer unit/fuse box to a wall, either brick or stud, without a mounting plate. The only requirement is it must be accessible and securely fitted at least 150mm away from a gas meter.

Can you put fuse box in a cupboard?

Yes. That’s perfectly fine. Just keep it clear and don’t cover it with any stuff so it will be accessible at any time. I don’t see why not, aslong as the cupboard can be made secure with regards to children and their wandering hands ..2018-01-28

Do consumer units have to be metal now?

Metal Consumer units have been a requirement in ‘NEW INSTALLATIONS’ since Amendment 3 to the 17th edition of the wiring regulations. This is not that new, it actually became a requirement for new consumer unit installations as of 1st Jan 2016.2020-08-11

Where should a consumer unit be placed?

Where multi-row consumer units are used they should be mounted with the bottom row of switches (measured to the switch) located between 1350 – 1450 mm above floor level.

Can you mount a fuse board on wood?

As such it is common to mount the fusebox on a plywood board and space this approx 25mm off the wall, this allows the cables to drop down behind the wooden mounting board and enter the fusebox from the back (rear side). This is both a neater job and fully complies with the regulations.

Does a fuse board have to be metal?

Over the last 100 years consumer units and fuse boards have been made from Plastic, Metal, and believe it or not, even Wood. From the 80’s to 2015 the vast majority of domestic consumer units were plastic. Every few years the electrical regulations (BS7671) are updated.

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Do consumer units have to be metal?

Do consumer units have to be metal? Since regulations changed in 2016, all domestic consumer units must be either enclosed in a non-combustible material or housed in a cabinet made from a non-combustible material.2022-01-24

Can you put a consumer unit in a cupboard?

If it is fitted to the building inside a cupboard then all is ok.2006-05-05

Can you have a plastic fuse box?

Yes. You can buy a brand new plastic consumer unit, so long as it’s housed in a non-combustible casing. Any old plastic consumer units are still legal too, they’ll just need new casing to make them meet regulations.2022-01-24

How high should my consumer unit be?

Approved Document M recommends that in new dwellings, switches, sockets and other equipment should be located between 450mm and 1200mm from finished floor level, it also suggests that consumer units are mounted so that the switches are between 1350mm and 1450mm above floor level.

Can I install a plastic consumer unit?

Compliance. For the remainder of the year either plastic or metal consumer units can be installed in a domestic premise, although there is nothing precluding earlier compliance with the amended regulations. From 1 January onwards plastic consumer units can still be fitted but only in non-domestic installations.

Can a consumer unit be in a cupboard?

Answered by Farrah, Electrical Safety Expert The consumer unit needs to be accessible for operation and maintenance and therefore being located in a cupboard containing a hot water tank and immersion heater is not a great idea. The temperature in the cupboard also needs to be taken into consideration.

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What height should a consumer unit be mounted at?

between 1350 – 1450 mm

What do you mount a consumer unit on?

Mount it on whatever you like, plywood, chipboard, mdf, plasterboard etc. You’re not expecting to get flames out of the back of your c/unit are you!2011-06-25

Should I replace plastic consumer unit?

Old style plastic consumer units no longer meet new regulations, however they don’t need to be replaced. So long as their safety features are up to date (such as old MCBs updated to RCBOs) and they are fully enclosed in a non-combustible casing, they can remain in the property.2022-01-24

Where can a consumer unit be located?

An often overlooked element of fitting a consumer unit is the location where it is placed. Consumer units are famously located in some of the most awkward places imaginable often behind piles of storage boxes, in the darkest corner at floor level!

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