Can I put my own diamond in an engagement ring?

Can I put my own diamond in an engagement ring?

(In fact, setting a family diamond into one of our engagement ring styles is the most cost-effective way possible to create a new ring with an old diamond.) We can also create a completely custom engagement ring from scratch using your family diamond as well.

What is the difference between Kay and Zales?

Zales and Kay’s are one in the same. They are owned by the same paren’t company. If you are not a big fan of Kays you wont be a big fan of Zales. They are large companies that have a 100% markup on all jewelry.

Who does Kay Jewelers sponsor?

An exciting opportunity to partner with a nationally recognized jeweler. Promote the brands your customers want like Neil Lane Bridal®, The Leo Diamond®, Tolkowsky®, Le Vian®, Movado®, Citizen®, Bulova® and many more.

Does KAY have a buy back program?

Kay Jewelers currently operates a nationwide trade-in or buy-back program. You can take an item of diamond jewelry to any of their stores in the US and use it as part payment for another piece of jewelry.

Does Zales own kay?

Signet Jewelers owns and operates the companies Zales, Kay Jewelers, Jared,, and others.

Is it worth buying jewelry from Kay?

Kay Jewelers is a good option for those browsing around the shopping mall and looking for a gimmicky Mother’s Day gift or a sweet pendant for an anniversary. When it comes to a more significant purchase, such as a diamond engagement ring, you need to be confident that the product you buy is a great quality item.2021-05-08

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What is Kay Jewelers known for?

Kay Jewelers, the biggest selling jewelry brand in the US, started out modestly enough in 1916 as a store operated by two brothers from Pennsylvania, Sol and Edmund Kaufmann. At first, Kay offered a diverse range of products, from jewelry to musical jewelry boxes, electric razors and even radios.

Is Zales jewelry high quality?

Zales diamonds are low quality and they capitalise on the naivety of buyers and the popularity of their name. Whiteflash, James Allen and Blue Nile all offer large inventories of quality diamonds, complete with high-res imaging/video and diamond certificates.

Is Kay more expensive than Zales?

Kay’s prices diamonds for middle-income to wealthy shoppers. Meaning, their prices are shifted a bit higher than Zales.2020-10-29

Can you take diamonds from a necklace and make a ring?

We can often use gems and diamonds from the old piece to make a new one. You can either get a custom piece or set your gem(s) into one our existing styles here. This is a great service because pretty much every company forces you to buy a diamond or gem from them in order to purchase a ring.

Why is Kay jewelry so cheap?

Kay Jewelers make their diamonds seem more affordable by advertising them as 1.0-carat when, in fact, they sit at around 0.95 carats. Most would know that a 0.95-carat diamond will have a smaller price tag than a diamond weighing 1.0 carat.2021-05-08

Does Kay Jewelers sell fake jewelry?

They sell diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many other types of jewelry. It has been reported by many customers that their diamonds are not real and are actually just costume jewelry (fake).

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Can I bring my own diamond to Kay Jewelers?

Now you can create custom jewelry that’s as unique as the one who wears it. Just bring us your idea we can bring it to life.

Does Kay Jewelers make their own jewelry?

Create custom jewelry that’s as unique as the one who wears it. Bring us your sketch, snapshot, heirloom, or description. Our consultants and craftsmen will work closely with you to bring your masterpiece to life.

Can I bring my own diamond to Kay?

You may trade in any diamond/diamond jewelry item purchased at KAY Jewelers (excluding lab-created diamonds/diamond jewelry) for a new diamond/diamond jewelry item that is at least double the trade-in value. Trade-in value is the original purchase price of the trade-in, excluding charges such as tax and shipping.

Can I bring my own stone to a jeweler?

“ The title of this page is spoiler—yes, it is possible to use your own stone for a ring. Whether it be an engagement ring or some other type of jewelry, you can always use what you already have.

Is Jared better than Kay?

Jared locations differ from their sister stores (Kay and Zales) in a few ways. Firstly, their staff is slightly better trained and have a little more knowledge of the products. We will get into this a bit later. Secondly, they do offer better quality.

Is Kay’s jewelry overpriced?

They are considered to be one of Sterling Jewelers’ premium brands, however while the prices are certainly on the premium end of the jewelry spectrum, the quality of their diamonds is well below par.

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