Does Robert Redford still own Sundance?

Does Robert Redford still own Sundance?

Robert Redford, the two-time Oscar-winning actor and director, has just sold the Sundance Mountain Resort, Utah’s luxurious mountain town in the middle of nature and it is considered one of the best destinations in North America.2021-01-17

What is Sundance return policy?

If at any time and for any reason, you do not feel that your purchase has lived up to your expectations simply return it for an exchange or a refund. Sundance outlet purchases are accepted within 30 days of the original purchase for an exchange or refund.

Who owns the Sundance catalog?

NEW YORK Actor Robert Redford has sold the Sundance mail-order catalog business to private equity firms ACI Capital and Webster Capital.2004-07-08

Does Redford own Sundance?

In 1969, Robert Redford bought the land now known as Sundance and envisioned the careful growth of a community committed to the balance of art, nature and community.

Who makes Sundance clothing?

Founded by acclaimed actor, director, and visionary Robert Redford, the Sundance Catalog now has more than 500 employees proudly serving customers across the country and offering premium-quality men’s and women’s apparel, artisan jewelry, footwear, accessories, and home furnishings.2019-08-30

Who bought out Sundance?

Robert Redford is selling the Sundance Mountain Resort, the Provo Canyon ski destination the actor, filmmaker and environmental activist opened in 1969. Redford has reached an agreement to sell the 2,600-acre resort to Broadreach Capital Partners and Cedar Capital Partners.2020-12-11

Does Sundance charge shipping?

Does Sundance Catalog have free shipping? Occasionally, customers can get free shipping on orders over $100 with a Sundance Catalog coupon. If there are no coupons available, standard shipping costs on US orders start at $6.95. Sundance Catalog gift cards can be delivered at no additional shipping cost.

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Who owns the store Sundance?

Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog opens its first Northeast store. Sundance Catalog new store in Westport, Conn. Sundance has opened up shop in one of the country’s wealthiest communities. The lifestyle retailer of women’s and men’s apparel, jewelry, footwear, accessories, home furnishings and art opened a 3,920-sq.2021-05-12

How do I track my Sundance order?

To check the status of an order, enter your order number and last name, then click Submit.

Did Robert Redford sell the Sundance resort?

In a statement on Friday, actor and founder of the Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford, announced the sale of Sundance Mountain Resort. According to a press release, Redford sold the resort to Broadreach Capital Partners and Cedar Capital Partners.2020-12-12

Does Robert Redford own the Sundance Film Festival?

SundanceTV was launched in 1996 as Sundance Channel and is a venture of AMC Networks and Redford.

Does Robert Redford have anything to do with Sundance Catalog?

Sundance Catalog was founded in 1989 by actor, environmentalist, director and visionary of independent filmmaking, Robert Redford, to promote the works of artists and craftspeople from across the country and around the world. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.2021-05-12

Who owns Sundance clothing company?

Sundance Catalog was acquired in 2004 by private equity firms ACI Capital and Webster Capital. They sold the company to Brentwood Associates in 2012, but retained a minority ownership as part of the transaction.2016-05-19

Who owns Sundance Resort?

New ownership Robert Redford has reached an agreement to sell the 2,600-acre resort to Broadreach Capital Partners and Cedar Capital Partners. He announced the sale to employees on .

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What does Robert Redford have to do with Sundance?

Sundance was founded in 1969 by Robert Redford when he purchased land at the base of beautiful 12,000-foot Mount Timpanogos in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. This pristine place of natural beauty radiates splendors of giant pines and aspen trees, gurgling streams, sweet fragrant air, and fields of wildflowers.

How do I stop Sundance Catalog?

To remove your name from our mailing list, send the back page of your catalog to the address above or email [email protected] with the name, address and source code from the back cover. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) can reduce the amount of mail you receive. Visit

Where does Sundance get their clothes?

SUNDANCE: Most of our clothing is made in CHINA. We are buying quite a bit from Los Angeles right now and they are made in the USA.2012-06-05

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