How do I unpair my Suunto watch?

How do I unpair my Suunto watch?

Wake up your watch by pressing the middle button. If your watch has been paired with another phone or another mobile app e.g. Suunto Movescount App, forget the app. Go to Settings > Connectivity > Paired devices. If MobileApp is listed, press the middle button and choose Forget.

How do you sync a Suunto watch?

Start Suunto app and tap the ‘watch’ icon to enter the Watch view. Activate Bluetooth. When your Suunto watch appears in the list of watches tap PAIR. If more than one watch is listed, select your watch based on the serial number shown at the backside of your watch.

How do I charge my Suunto 5?

Charge Suunto D5 with the supplied USB cable. For charging, use a USB port of 5 Vdc, 0.5 A as a power source. If the battery is very low, the display remains dark while charging until the battery has reached an adequate charge level.

How do I charge my Suunto watch?

Connect the supplied USB cable with a USB port on your computer or a USB power adapter and power outlet. Place the magnetic end of the USB cable into the charging socket on the back of your watch.

How do I sync my Suunto 5?

Start Suunto app and turn on Bluetooth if it is not on already. Tap the watch icon in the upper-left of the app screen and then tap “PAIR” to pair your watch. Verify the pairing by typing the code that are displayed on your watch in the app.

Does Movescount sync with Suunto?

Data transfer from Movescount: We will begin enabling the import of your exercise history from Movescount to Suunto app in May. We will start with users connecting to Suunto app with Suunto 9, Suunto 3, then Spartan family, Ambit3, Traverse and Traverse Alpha and EON Dive computers.

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What does the arrow mean on my Suunto watch?

a. The soft reset (restart): the display is frozen in the boot mode (the watch’s display shows a downward-facing arrow, “arrow down” issue);

How long does a Suunto watch last?

Suunto 9 delivers an amazing battery life up to 120 hours* with GPS and an intelligent battery life management system with smart reminders to ensure your watch will last just as long as you need it to.2018-06-05

How do I charge my Suunto dive watch?

Charge the battery by connecting Suunto D5 to a power source with the included USB cable. As a power source, use a USB port of 5Vdc, 0.5A or a wall charger. The battery icon at the bottom of the display shows the battery status.

Can I use Suunto app on my computer?

Download, install and open SuuntoLink on your computer. Connect your watch to your computer via the supplied USB cable. SuuntoLink will recognize your device and will ask for your Suunto app credentials in case you have unsynced exercises.

How long does Suunto D5 battery last?

7 hours

How long does Suunto battery last?

The average battery life for the Suunto Core is 12-18 months depending on usage. Features like the compass and backlight consume more power than other features, so using them frequently or for extended periods decrease battery life.

Can I use movescount and Suunto app?

A key note: Your data in Movescount is safe and your Move data will be transferrable to Suunto app regardless of the product you connect with. The actual transfer will be enabled in the coming months (Spring 2019).

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How do I reset my Suunto 5?

If you are looking for the resetting procedure for your Suunto 5, 9 Peak, go to the watch’s Settings – select General and scroll down to Reset settings. All data on your watch will be deleted during the reset. Initiate the reset by selecting “Reset” (with the upper right button or screen tap).

Does a Suunto watch work with iPhone?

Thankfully, the iPhone works brilliantly with the watch software. An Android device would get slightly preferential treatment, but by having an iPhone you’re not locked out of accessing the main bulk of features. As an operating system, I found Wear OS to be quick and responsive on the Suunto 7.2020-02-23

Does Suunto app work on IPAD?

Suunto app is now compatible with iPad and Android tablets. You can find the app for your big screen iOS device in App Store and in Google Play for Android devices.2022-03-04

How do I connect my Suunto 7 to my new phone?

Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your watch and on your phone. Open Suunto app on your phone. If you are not automatically directed to the watch view, tap the watch icon on the top left corner. Once you see your new watch on the screen, tap “Connect”.

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