How do you qualify for a free cell phone?

How do you qualify for a free cell phone?

You may qualify for Lifeline if your Household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or if you or your eligible dependent(s) currently participate in any of the following programs: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Food Stamps. Medicaid.

Does Assurance Wireless have unlimited data?

With that ACP benefit at Assurance Wireless, you can receive: Free unlimited data, free unlimited texting, free unlimited calling and free 10GB monthly mobile hotspot data on the Assurance Wireless Unlimited plan — all on the power of T-Mobile’s nationwide network.2021-12-30

How do I get a cell phone for free?

You can qualify for free cell phone service by participating in government benefit programs like SNAP, Medicaid, and SSI. You may also qualify by income. What is Lifeline? Lifeline is a government benefit program that offers eligible customers FREE cell phone service every month.

Is Assurance Wireless the same as Sprint?

Assurance Wireless, which is part of Sprint prepaid brand Virgin Mobile, takes part in the Lifeline Assistance program and offers discounted service to those in public assistance programs like Medicaid or SNAP or even a free phone and service to qualifying low-income households.2019-03-11

Can you get a free phone if your on Social Security?

Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program. Lifeline is a government assistance program. The Assurance Wireless offer provides eligible low-income customers free monthly data, unlimited texting, and free monthly minutes. Plus a free phone.

What carrier is Assurance Wireless?


Does access wireless give you a free phone?

The specifics of the Access Wireless program Get a free smart phone, unlimited texts, free unlimited talk, and 5GB high-speed data. It’s a considerably better deal than customers can get in other states.

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How much data do you get with Assurance Wireless?

4.5GB FREE Data Each Month** Unlimited FREE Texts Each Month. A minimum of 1000 FREE Voice Minutes Each Month*

How do I setup my cintex wireless phone?

For Android devices with Cintex Wireless SIM, navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names then add new APN. Add the APN settings below then save. Save then select Cintex as the active APN then restart your device. Cintext Wireless is affiliated with Liberty wireless.2022-02-25

Does access Wireless provide a free phone?

The service is absolutely free to those eligible and includes not only a cell phone but also a free communication service. But again, various virtual network operators have different features and policies. So, what kind of phone does Access Wireless give you on the free plan?2021-06-06

Does SafeLink give you a smartphone?

SafeLink offers you a Smartphone or SIM Card along with free minutes, texts and data each month for qualified customers.

Is cintex Wireless T Mobile?

Cintex Wireless operates on T-Mobile’s Network, which is GSM.

What carrier is offering free phones?

Several carriers offer free phones through the government’s Lifeline program. These carriers include Assist Wireless, Assurance Wireless, enTouch Wireless, and True Wireless, among others. Many other carriers—like Verizon, Metro by T-Mobile, and Cricket—offer free phones to new customers.2022-02-22

Can you trust cintex wireless?

Trust Score The website has a good trust index of 76% and a trust rank of 75.8/100. Domain Age The domain was registered on 07/10/2009 and will expire on 7/10/2021.2021-08-27

What provider does cintex wireless use?

Cintex Wireless offers mobile broadband internet access service using T-Mobile’s nationwide network. The T-Mobile network is reliable and covers almost 63% of the US population.

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Does Sprint own Assurance Wireless?

Sprint said it will merge its Assurance Wireless brand with Access Wireless in a tie-up of Lifeline service providers. Sprint will own 70 percent of the new business, which will operate under the name i-wireless, Access’s brand for Lifetime users. I-wireless will own the remaining 30 percent.

How much data do you get with cintex wireless?

Cintex Wireless Free Lifeline Cell Phones and Service. Free smartphone, 1000 minutes & 1gigabyte of data per month & unlimited texts.

Who runs cintex wireless?

In addition, HTH also owns and operates FCC-licensed Eligible Telecommunication Carriers (ETCs) offering Lifeline, Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Prepaid wireless services to consumers in all 50 states under four consumer brands: AirVoice Wireless, NewPhone Wireless, Airtalk Wireless, Cintex Wireless.

What do you get with SafeLink?

The Safelink Wireless plan includes: A smartphone, free SIM card, 4.5GB of data and 350 monthly minutes. Unlimited text messages. Voicemail, caller ID and 3-way calling.

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