How much does the Barnes and Noble membership take off?

How much does the Barnes and Noble membership take off?

Everything you love at B&N will ring up at 10% off 2 the lowest price, including magazines and Café items.

Can you return a Barnes and Noble membership?

In the event of any such termination, you will not be entitled to a refund of your Membership fee. c) We may terminate any or all of the benefits available under the Barnes & Noble Member Program at any time with or without notice.2019-10-16

How long does it take Barnes and Noble to ship?

We do our best to estimate delivery dates for your purchase. The shipping time of 3-5 business days is the time in transit once your package has left our warehouse.

Do Barnes and Noble members get discounts on ebooks?

Get exclusive in-store and online offers (often 20% off an item coupons are available) Birthday offers exclusively for members. Get 10% off a NOOK e-reader.2021-03-30

Can my friend use my Barnes and Noble membership?

Your Barnes & Noble Member Card is for your individual use only and is non-transferable.

How do I cancel an online order?

You can cancel an online order in writing, by fax or by email, and a cancellation form should also be made available although it’s sensible to stick with the process the retailer has set up – if it’s reasonable. The retailer shouldn’t make cancelling an online order unnecessarily difficult.2021-03-05

Why won’t my Barnes and Noble membership work online?

Your Member number may not have been entered accurately. Check the number and re-enter it. Note: your phone number cannot be used in place of your Member number online. If your Member number is already stored in your account, you do not need enter it again at checkout.

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How do I add a member to my Barnes and Noble account?

Open the Select Membership Type drop down menu, select B&N Membership, and enter your Membership Number. Click Apply to add the Membership to your order. For online purchases, your Membership provides you with Free Standard Shipping with no minimum purchase amount.

How do I cancel my B&N membership?

CANCELLATION; TERMINATION. Subject to the foregoing, you may cancel your Membership by: (i) calling Member Services at 1-866-238-7323, (ii) contacting us at, or (iii) presenting your Member card at the Customer Service desk, for Memberships (new or renewed) purchased at Barnes & Noble Stores.2019-10-16

How long does it take Barnes and Noble to process an order?

Depending on what time your order is placed and when your selected store closes, your order may not be ready until the following day. We will hold your order at your selected store for 5 days. Items that are not picked up will be canceled and the payment method you provided at the time of the order will not be billed.

What do you get from Barnes and Noble on your birthday?

Participants receive a $5 gift card reward (maximum 4 per year) for every $100 spent on kids’ stuff online and in stores. In addition, each of the participants’ eligible kids receive a gift for their birthdays—a free cupcake from our Café. To join, just visit our stores or website at BN.COM/kidsclub.

What does a Barnes and Noble membership give you?

Designed for Barnes & Noble’s most loyal customers, the Barnes & Noble Membership program gives Members 40% off hardcover bestsellers and 10% off virtually everything else in Barnes & Noble stores throughout the year.2015-09-24

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Is Barnes and Noble membership worth it 2020?

I’m at Barnes & Noble a lot, so a membership is worth it for me. If you buy a lot of books or café items, a membership is worth considering. Based on the 10% discount alone, you’d have to spend at least $250 a year to make the cost of a $25 membership worth your while.2022-01-04

What shipping carrier does Barnes and Noble use?

B&N Customer Care on Twitter: “@Dobrevs11 Barnes & Noble ships packages via UPS, USPS, and Lasership.2016-05-22

How often does Barnes and Noble membership renew?

one year

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