Is NIV Bible app free?

Is NIV Bible app free?

NIV Bible The Holy Version is a FREE and Offline Bible. Read the Bible with Audio, Many Reading Plans, Bible Quizzes, Bible Dictionary, Bible Quotes and much more.

Does Walmart sell the NIV Bible?

Study Bible-NIV (Hardcover) –

Where can I get a free NIV Bible? will send out a free NIV version of the New Testament, in English. They currently ask that you request one Bible per person, and allow up to 6-8 weeks for postal delivery. They only ship in the United States.2019-08-19

Who is the best narrator of the Bible?

After 68 years, his recording is still regarded as the Gold standard and still the very best narration on the market, as verified in the above survey report. In fact, Alexander Scourby is known as the “Voice of the Bible” among his peers.2013-04-24

What is a good app for understanding the Bible?

Bible Apps A couple of great apps to help you read and study the Bible are The Bible App by YouVersion and The Bible App by Olive Tree. You can use these apps to read the Bible, follow plans, make notes, connect with others and more.

What is a good free Bible app?

Tecarta Bible is a solid all-around app for the faithful. It includes the KJV version of the Bible for free. You can get over half a dozen translations through in-app purchases if you want a different version. You can also highlight your favorite verses, check out a verse of the day, and more.2022-03-29

Are all NIV Bibles the same?

Every generation or so a new NIV is released. This causes some confusion in English Bible users, since a familiar text is changed somewhat. However, the NIV follows a philosophy of modern language translation while staying true to the original text.2018-08-15


What denomination is the NIV Study Bible for?

evangelical Christian theology

Is there a Bible app with no ads?

This Bible app strives for simplicity. All navigation is easy to find and accessible at the top of the screen and at the end of chapter, so you can quickly move around.

Is the NIV still in print?

The NIV is published by Zondervan in the United States and Hodder & Stoughton in the UK. The NIV was updated in 1984 and 2011 and has become one of the most popular and best-selling modern translations.

Did James Earl Jones read the entire Bible?

Complete Unabridged New Testament. Included in this 14-disc set is the complete unabridged New Testament read by the most recognized & talented voice in America: James Earl Jones. The books relate to the life & personal teachings of Jesus.

What are the different versions of NIV Bible?

With this group behind the wheel for the past 40 years, the NIV has seen three revisions: the original in 1978, the second in 1984, and the most recent in 2011.2018-08-15

Does the Bible app cost money?

YouVersion Bible is completely free and lets you listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. You can listen to daily Reading Plans that you subscribe to in the Bible App and even pray over your prayer list.

What is a good app to learn the Bible?

The Bible app by Life Church is probably the best of all the Bible apps. It comes with a whole bunch of features. The app gives you offline access so you can read the Bible anywhere. On top of that, there are 1400 versions in a variety of languages.2022-03-29

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What is wrong with the YouVersion Bible app?

YouVersion Bible is notorious for privacy violations and dangerous data collection. Yet, here it is: still seated firmly in the Play Store, racking up over 100 million installs with a whopping 22 permission requests.2019-10-03

What is the latest NIV Bible?

The new 2020 edition of the NIV Study Bible is its sixth and most comprehensive revision, even as it maintains the original edition’s commitment to accessibility for evangelical Christians via clear and unbiased interpretations of Scripture.2020-08-24

What version of the KJV do we use today?

In the United States, the “1611 translation” (actually editions following the standard text of 1769, see below) is generally known as the King James Version today.

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