What comes in a Popeyes 10 piece?

What comes in a Popeyes 10 piece?

From now until October 29, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is selling 10 pieces of chicken for $10. You can order tenders or mixed pieces (a breast, wings, thighs and drums) either mild or spicy, plus your favorite sauce to go with them.2017-10-21

Do Popeyes still have $5 box?

The $5 Big Box is available exclusively when you order ahead on the Popeyes website or use the app. If you order in person or while in the drive-thru, it then becomes the $6 Big Box. Yep, if you order while physically there it will cost you an extra dollar.2022-01-12

What is Popeyes $20 deal?

There are two $20 meal deals available, the 10 Piece Family Meal and the 14 Tenders Family Meal. Each meal comes with two large sides and five biscuits.

What is Popeyes 25 dollar deal?

The new Sandwiches n’ More Pack features a mix of chicken sandwiches and chicken tenders with a choice of side. More specifically, each pack includes four signature Chicken Sandwiches paired with your choice of four Mild, Spicy or Blackened Chicken Tenders and a choice of large side for $25 (may vary).2021-05-07

How much is the 4 sandwich family feast?

4 Sandwich Family Meal: four chicken sandwiches, one large side, and four biscuits. Prices may vary, but around $22.2020-05-01

Does Popeyes still have the $6 box?

Last available in 2018, Popeyes Big Box (also referred to as the “Bonafide Big Box”) is now back for $6 when placing your order in-store or at the drive-thru.2022-01-13

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What comes in a $5 box at Popeyes?

Available exclusively when you order ahead for pickup on Popeyes.com or via the brand’s app, each $5 Big Box includes your choice of two pieces of mixed bone-in chicken or three tenders along with two regular sides and one biscuit for 5 bucks.2022-01-11

How many pieces of chicken do you get in the $6 box at Popeyes?

First, guests can choose either two pieces of bone-in chicken or three tenders. Given that some people have very specific chicken preferences, this option ensure that everyone gets their favorite.2022-01-12

What comes in the Popeyes family feast?

It contains 12 pieces of chicken, five chicken sandwiches, two large sides, six biscuits, and five apple pies. You can choose if you would like spicy or original chicken, and the sides available to pick from include fries, mashed potatoes, red beans and rice, coleslaw, green beans, or Cajun rice.2020-05-05

What is in Popeyes 10 piece family meal?

Listed with other exclusive deals on the “Offers” page of the Popeyes website, the $19.99 10 Piece Family Meal comes with a spread of 10 pieces of Popeyes signature breaded and fried chicken, your choice of 2 large sides and 5 warm, freshly baked biscuits. Once redeemed, this online offer will expire in 15 minutes.2020-10-12

What comes in a Popeyes 12 piece?

Twelve pieces of juicy BonafideĀ® Chicken that you can mix and match between spicy and mild! Comes with two large Signature Sides and six hot buttery Biscuits.

What comes with Popeyes $6 meal?

Calling all indecisive eaters: Popeyes just launched your new go-to order, the $6 Favorites Meal. Containing all of the menu’s best-selling items, this combo meal includes two pieces of fried chicken, two chicken tenders, dipping sauce, and two biscuits.

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