What does the Achilles reflex do?

What does the Achilles reflex do?

The Achilles reflex is a monosynaptic stretch reflex similar to the patellar reflex. In the Achilles reflex, the hammer taps the Achilles tendon while the foot is dorsiflexed, and the foot, in response, should jerk toward the plantar surface. The Achilles reflex originates in the S1 and S2 nerve roots.

What is the purpose of the knee-jerk reflex test?

The patellar reflex test is performed to determine the integrity of the neurological function, which is accomplished by hitting the patellar tendon below the knee cap with a test hammer [2].2019-07-09

What are the main components of reflex action?

Figure 3 – Reflex path showing the five components of a reflex: sensor, sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron, and muscle. The simple reflex is shown on the inner part of the diagram. Action potentials are how information is transmitted in the nervous system.2017-04-28

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What is the purpose of the knee-jerk reflex quizlet?

Carries signals away from CNS to muscles etc.

What are the 5 essential components of a reflex?

FIGURE 7-1 A reflex arc contains five fundamental components: 1, a receptor; 2, a sensory neuron; 3, one or more synapses in the CNS; 4, a motor neuron; and 5, a target organ, usually a muscle.2016-07-18

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How does the knee jerk reflex protect the body?

A stretch reflex is a type of muscle reflex, which protects muscle against increases in length that can tear and damage muscle fibers. The primary purpose of the patellar reflex the stretch reflex of the quadriceps femoris muscle is to prevent excessive stretching of the quadriceps.

How is the Achilles reflex important in walking?

In particular, the Achilles tendon is a long tendon that is important for storing and releasing elastic energy during walking, and as such, plays an important role in metabolic energy saving, as it actually “spares” the muscle from performing a large part of the work (3).

What 4 things are true about reflexes?

Terms in this set (27) Reflexes have four important properties: they require stimulation, they are quick, they are involuntary and they are stereotyped.

What is the importance of reflexes?

It is important that reflexes occur without the need for thinking about them because there are things that happen to your body and forces acting in your body when you move that need to be responded to very quickly. Reflexes allow your body to react in ways that help you to be safe, to stand upright, and to be active.2017-04-28

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How do reflexes protect you from injury?

Your brain’s role Your brain gets involved by modifying and fine-tuning reflex actions. For example, when you trip and fall, reflexes automatically command your hands and arms to reach out and break your fall. Muscles will contract throughout your body to minimize injury.

What is the purpose of the knee-jerk reflex?

The knee-jerk reflex, also known as the patellar reflex, is a simple reflex that causes the contraction of the quadriceps muscle when the patellar tendon is stretched. I describe the course of the reflex arc from muscle spindles in the quadriceps muscle to motor neurons that cause movement of the leg.

What are 4 common reflexes?

We have different types of reflexes in the body. Four key examples are the stretch reflex, the flexor reflex, the crossed-extensor reflex, and the Golgi tendon reflex.

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How is the patellar reflex elicited?

In order to elicit the patellar reflex, a hammer is attached to a specially designed pendulum, with a controlled impact force. All volunteer test subjects sit at a specific height, performing the Jendrassik maneuver during the test, and the medical staff evaluates the response in accordance with the NINDS scale.2019-07-09

What are the 5 steps of a reflex?

So the reflex arc consists of these five steps in order-sensor, sensory neuron, control center, motor neuron, and muscle. These five parts work as a relay team to take information up from the sensor to the spinal cord or brain and back down to the muscles.2012-02-23

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How is the patellar reflex automatic?

Figure 2 – Knee-jerk reflex. The tendon is tapped as the first step in the action. The doctor tapping just below the knee activates a sensor that is located inside the muscle. Once the sensor is activated, the signal travels along the sensory neuron to the spinal cord.2017-04-28

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