What does USPS consider a poly mailer?

What does USPS consider a poly mailer?

Poly mailers must be at least 2 mils thick for shipments up to 5 lbs and 4 mils thick for shipments up to 10 lbs (and are not acceptable for shipments over 10 lbs). Any paper used for paper bag or paper wrap packaging must be 50# in strength.2021-12-20

What makes a bubble mailer a package?

Bubble Mailers and Envelopes are Considered Packages When They’re 3/4 Inches Thick or More. USPS will only accept bubble mailers as packages if their total thickness is 3/4 of an inch or more. This applies not when the bubble mailer is empty, but when the contents of your shipment are inside.2021-06-07

Can you put boxes in poly mailers?

Well, by placing your box inside a poly mailer or envelope, you might be able to! This is a special trick known as the “box in a bag” shipping method. Lots of eCommerce shippers use this method every day to cut down their shipping costs, because when you’re shipping tons of packages, every cent counts!2019-08-21

What can I use instead of a poly mailer?

When considering polymailer alternatives, we recommend a paper-based solution such as a recycled paper envelope or a corrugated shipping box.

What package type is a poly mailer USPS?

Poly mailers are frequently shipped with USPS First Class, Priority Mail, and Media Mail. The service used would be Package or Thick Envelope. These services are both, ultimately, “Package”. Thick envelope just refers to the thickness of the package containing the contents.2021-07-12

Are bubble mailers considered packages?

Are Bubble Mailers Packages or Envelopes? This depends on the thickness of your bubble mailer. Once packed, if your bubble mailer is 3/4 of an inch thick or less, it’s considered an envelope. If your bubble mailer is over 3/4 of an inch thick, it’s considered a package.

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Can I use a poly mailer for USPS Priority mail?

Many people believe that Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First Class Mail, and other USPS programs require customers to use their packaging. However, unless you are shipping a package via Priority Mail Flat Rate, customers are welcome to use their own shipping mailer, including a poly mailer.2020-01-28

What is the difference between a bubble mailer and a poly mailer?

Bubble mailers The major difference between bubble mailers and ordinary poly bags is that they come padded with bubble wrap on the inside, which provides extra protection for the items in the packaging.2021-04-29

Does USPS have poly mailers?

In general, the USPS does not offer poly mailers, although you can get padded flat rate envelopes that are plastic on the outside with Priority Mail.

What can you mail in a poly mailer?

Expansion poly mailers come with an expandable, durable seam along the side that makes it easier and more efficient to ship bulky items. These work well for shipping large items like jackets, sweatshirts, books or binders. As we all know, product returns are one of the many inherent costs of doing business online.2020-07-30

What is a poly mailer considered?

Technically defined as “polyethylene mailers,” poly mailers are lightweight, weather-proof, easy-to-send envelopes often used as a shipping alternative for corrugated cardboard boxes. Poly mailers are also flexible, self-sealing, and ideal for shipping apparel and other non-fragile items.2020-07-30

Can you ship anything in a poly mailer?

Again, poly mailers work best for items that are not fragile or too large or heavy. Anything from t-shirts to DVDs can ship inside a mailer envelope, but you need to be careful that you use the right packaging type.2021-07-12

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What is expansion poly mailers?

Partners Brand Expansion Poly Mailers are made from strong polyethylene and protect products from moisture during shipping. These mailers feature gusseted bottoms to allow for thicker items. They are puncture, moisture, tamper and tear resistant and feature an easy open perforated tear strip.

What does USPS consider a padded envelope?

Bubble Mailers and Envelopes are Considered Packages When They’re 3/4 Inches Thick or More. USPS will only accept bubble mailers as packages if their total thickness is 3/4 of an inch or more.2021-06-07

What category is a poly mailer?

Poly mailers are lightweight, plastic packaging envelopes made of moisture-resistant polyethylene that composes many of the widely used plastic products in the world. These plastic bags come in many sizes and dimensions.2021-04-29

Can you ship a box inside a poly mailer?

You can put a box into the envelope, as long as it’s still shaped like an envelope! USPS only cares about your outer packaging, so if there is a box inside your poly mailer or envelope, that’s no problem. But you can’t “shrink wrap” or tightly tape a bag or envelope around a box and call it an envelope.

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