What happens in the movie Just Wright?

What happens in the movie Just Wright?

A physical therapist falls for the basketball player she is helping recover from a career-threatening injury. A physical therapist falls for the basketball player she is helping recover from a career-threatening injury.

What is Queen Latifah’s last movie?

In 2021, she became a part of the American crime drama television series ‘The Equalizer. ‘ The series was renewed for a second season in October 2021. Latifah was last seen in the 2022 American drama film ‘The Tiger Rising’ directed by Ray Giarratana.

What is Queen Latifah best known for?

Queen Latifah is a Grammy Award-winning rapper, record producer and actress, known for her roles in the big-screen adaptation of ‘Chicago’ and the TV film ‘Bessie. ‘2018-03-22

Who wrote Just Wright?

Michael Elliot

What is Queen Latifah Queen of?

Queen Latifah has been referred to as the “Queen of Rap” and the “Queen of Hip Hop” by several media articles. Dinitia Smith as editor for New York magazine (1990) called her the “Queen of Rap” in her profile article.

Did Dwight Howard play in the movie Just Wright?

But the coming attractions included a preview of the film Just Wright, which stars Queen Latifah, Common and Paula Patton and also features Howard, Magic power forward Rashard Lewis and Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade as themselves.2010-03-25

What was Queen Latifah contribution to hip-hop?

Queen Latifah worked with an established rap pioneer KRS-One and future stars De La Soul. The album featured a song called “Ladies First,” which referenced her first group and illustrated her soon to be trademark of unrelenting black feminist-centric rap.2007-06-16

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Which rapper starred in Just Wright?

rapper Common

What rapper starred in Just Wright with Queen Latifah?


Where was the movie Just Wright filmed?

Latifah, who also serves as one of the producers, says the production was originally set in Chicago, then moved to Miami before it finally settled in New York (because of the tax incentives the state offered).2010-05-09

How did Queen Latifah get rich?

She gained the majority of her fortune through singing, acting, and various businesses she has a stake in. Latifah had her career breakthrough when she signed up with Tommy Boy Records in 1989. Her first album All Hail the Queen was released shortly after signing and hit number 6 on the Billboard Hip/R&B Albums chart.2019-01-11

Is Just Wright based on true story?

“Just Wright” is obviously a fantasy and not based on any sort of reality. After all, there’s no way a player the size and stature of Lonnie Rashid Lynn — better known as Common — could be a dominant star in the National Basketball Association.2010-05-13

What is the theme of Just Wright?

Ultimately, Scott must decide if he will love Morgan and her outward beauty or Leslie and her inner beauty. For what it is and what it is trying to accomplish, JUST WRIGHT is successful. The story is formulaic, but it has heart as well as some moral elements emphasizing inner beauty over outward appearance.

Who played in just right with Queen Latifah?

JUST WRIGHT stars Queen Latifah as Leslie Wright, a straight shooting physical therapist who gets the gig of a lifetime working with NBA All-Star Scott McKnight (Common).2010-03-10

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