What is the acceptance rate for Suffield Academy?

What is the acceptance rate for Suffield Academy?

Suffield Academy Suffield, Connecticut The Connecticut school offers 15 AP courses and has a 29% acceptance rate.2015-01-12

What is Peddie known for?

A Peddie education develops independent-minded, public-spirited individuals capable of doing hard, complicated, endlessly varied work in communities around the world. Our alumni go on to prestigious colleges and universities and pursue meaningful careers.

Which countries have boarding schools?

Boarding schools are relatively more prevalent in the United Kingdom (UK), India, China, and parts of Africa. These countries begin boarding schools at a very early age and for a longer span of time.

Does the Pennington school have uniforms?

All students attending Pennington Traditional School are required to wear a full school uniform during the school day and to designated school functions. All students must comply with the Pennington Traditional School uniform, as well as the Prince William County Schools dress code.

What is the acceptance rate for Peddie?


Is Peddie a college?

The Peddie School is a college preparatory school in Hightstown, in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. It is a non-denominational, coeducational boarding school located on a 280-acre (110 ha) campus, and serves students in the ninth through twelfth grades, plus a small post-graduate class.

What is the acceptance rate for Phillips Exeter Academy?

Despite Phillips Exeter Academy’s title as the No. 1 most elite boarding school for the second year in a row, it comes in at No. 8 on this list with a 19% acceptance rate, tied with Milton Academy.2016-02-19

Is it hard to get into Suffield Academy?

Admission is highly selective; 1,000 students applied for the 120 available spaces in recent years. Students come from more than 20 American states and 30 countries. This is a wonderful place where each student is a key ingredient in our success. We hope you will come take a close look at Suffield.

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How much does Mercersburg Academy cost?

Base tuition for the 2021–2022 school year is $64,150 for boarding students and $38,025 for day students. Fifty percent of Academy students receive financial aid (need- and merit-based). The school’s total financial-aid budget is more than $7 million.

How do you become a Peddie?

Applying to Peddie consists of three steps: the interview, standardized testing and the application. Each piece of the process helps us see the many facets that make you the person you are. Our admission staff is ready to assist you along the way; please contact us at 609-944-7501 or [email protected] at any time.

Is Lawrenceville a good school?

Lawrenceville School has some of the best academics at the high school level in the country, primarily due to the quality of the faculty and class size.

What is the Peddie School known for?

Peddie School swimmers (students or alumni) have represented their nations in every Olympics since 1992. The team has won the Swimming World Mythical National Championships eight times, including the inaugural boys’ and girls’ independent-school titles in 1977 and 1982.

What is the tuition for Blair Academy in New Jersey?

66 500 USD

Is the Lawrenceville School Hard?

The school IS very demanding and you will be pushed hard to work 8:00am to 11pm every day, including weekends. If this lifestyle/pace is not for you maybe a strong academic day school with continued parental support is better. Majority boarding Lawrenceville is no doubt demanding physically, mentally and socially.prieš 4 dienas

Is Suffield Academy a good school?

Top Rankings Suffield Academy ranks among the top 20 boarding schools (out of 307 schools) for: Category Attribute.

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Why is Peddie a good school?

Peddie provides a rigorous academic and extracurricular experience both inside and outside the classroom, focusing on preparing students for a lifetime of learning, citizenship, continual growth and opportunity.

What is Mercersburg Academy acceptance rate?

a 33 percent

What is Mercersburg Academy known for?

Mercersburg offers curricular and extracurricular programs in theatre, choral and instrumental music, dance, and visual arts, all of which are headquartered in the school’s Burgin Center for the Arts.

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