What is the difference between cast iron and grey iron?

What is the difference between cast iron and grey iron?

White cast iron is harder than grey, to the point that it is quite brittle. Grey iron, by contrast, is softer but stronger. The two types are sometimes combined, allowing a piece to be made with a hard outer coating of white iron and a strong core of grey.2018-03-13

What is meant by grey cast iron?

Gray cast iron is a type of iron with carbon content greater than 2% and a graphitic microstructure. It is one of the most common types of cast iron used in applications. it is relatively inexpensive, malleable and durable.2020-11-11

What is grey cast iron made of?

This material is a ternary Fe-C-Si alloy. Grey cast iron is characterized by its graphitic microstructure. Most cast irons have a chemical composition of 2.5 to 4.0% carbon, 1 to 3% silicon, and the remainder is iron.

Why is gray iron brittle and weak?

Gray cast irons are comparatively weak and brittle in tension due to its microstructure; the graphite flakes have tips which serve as points of stress concentration. Strength and ductility are much higher under compression loads.

Is cast iron grey or black?

There are four basic types of cast iron: ductile, malleable, white and grey. There are several differences in the composition and use of white and grey cast iron.2018-03-13

How is gray iron formed?

Specifically, what makes grey iron “grey iron,” is the graphite flake structure that is created during the cooling process from the carbon that is in the component. Grey iron is a result of both the materials used and the process used to cast a part.

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What is the reason of lot of grey cast iron?

Grey cast iron (a.k.a. gray iron castings) is a type of iron found in castings known for its grey color and appearance caused by graphite fractures in the material.

How do you make grey iron?

Grey iron can be alloyed with small amounts of copper, molybdenum, vanadium or chrome to produce increasingly stronger irons as the alloy levels are increased. This is achieved by controlling the amount of ferrite and pearlite in the iron matrix.

What makes cast iron brittle?

The internal carbon particles create internal stress points conducive to fracture. Cast iron is harder, more brittle, and less malleable than wrought iron. It cannot be bent, stretched, or hammered into shape, since its weak tensile strength means that it will fracture before it bends or distorts.

Why is iron hard but brittle?

Because of its low melting point, it is used in pipes and machines. We can now conclude that cast iron is very hard and brittle because of higher carbon content. Iron obtained from the blast surface is known as pig iron. The carbon content of wrought iron is the least.

Why is it called grey cast iron?

Gray cast iron is named after its gray fractured surface, which occurs because the graphitic flakes deflect a passing crack and initiate countless new cracks as the material breaks. White cast irons are hard and brittle.

What is the properties of grey cast iron?

While grey cast iron has less tensile strength and shock resistance than most other castings or even steal, it has compressive strength that is comparable to low- and medium-carbon steel. These mechanical properties are controlled by the size and shape of the graphite flakes present in the microstructure.

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How do you make gray iron?

Materials Process. The generally accepted composition of grey cast iron is 95% iron by weight, plus 1% silicone to 3% silicone and 2.1% carbon to 4% carbon. The high amount of silicone in grey iron produces graphite when heated. Graphite is the element responsible for gray cast iron’s coloring.

What is the reason of low of grey cast iron?

Large graphite flakes reduce the strength and ductility, so inoculants are used to promote fine flakes. Gray cast iron is named after its gray fractured surface, which occurs because the graphitic flakes deflect a passing crack and initiate countless new cracks as the material breaks.

Is gray iron the same as cast iron?

Gray iron, or grey cast iron, is a type of cast iron that has a graphitic microstructure. It is named after the gray color of the fracture it forms, which is due to the presence of graphite. It is the most common cast iron and the most widely used cast material based on weight.

What gives gray cast iron its gray?

graphitic microstructures

What makes grey cast iron brittle?

The tips of the flakes act as preexisting notches at which stresses concentrate and it therefore behaves in a brittle manner. The presence of graphite flakes makes the grey iron easily machinable as they tend to crack easily across the graphite flakes.

What causes gray brittle cast iron?

The microstructure of a grey cast iron is illustrated in Fig. 3.28. These irons are so-called because the presence of graphite in the microstructure leads to a grey-coloured fracture surface.

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Is grey cast iron brittle?

cast iron is either so-called gray iron or white iron, the colours shown by fracture. Gray iron contains more silicon and is less hard and more machinable than is white iron. Both are brittle, but a malleable cast iron produced by a prolonged heat treatment was developed in France in…

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