What is the difference between Springfield XD-S and XD-S mod 2?

What is the difference between Springfield XD-S and XD-S mod 2?

With the Mod. 2 update, the XD-S has a new grip texture that looks sleeker but retains a surface perfect for a solid grip. For those that disliked the grenade pattern, the new texture is likely to please you. It is comfortable after shooting hundreds of rounds.2020-12-21

What is the difference between the Springfield XD and XD-S?

Springfield XD-S Smaller than the XD-E, the XD-S is more concealable but a little less shootable and the recoil is harder to control, a factor during long days of handgun training. Capacity is 7+1 as opposed to the XD-E’s 8+1.2020-04-29

When did XD-S Mod 2 come out?

(01/15/18) The evolution of the acclaimed XD-S pistol is finally here. This latest edition of Springfield’s most-demanded pistol is engineered for a slim single-stack frame 6 rounds of . 45 easily concealable in a great shooting concealed-carry pistol. Springfield Armory’s XD-S Mod.2018-01-15

Are Springfield XD good guns?

The Springfield Armory XD(M) Competition Series is a seriously great set of guns. It’s highly accurate, extremely reliable, and its streamlined design allows for a balanced, lightweight hold. Whether you are looking for a home defense weapon or need a new competition piece, definitely try out the XD(M).2020-06-23

How many rounds does the XD-S hold?

You get three magazines in the very nice pistol case: two 7-round flush mags and one 9-round extended magazine. As for the grip, the XD-S comes with interchangeable backstraps so that you can tailor the grip size to fit your preference.2015-08-07

Is XD-S Mod 2 a good gun?

The Springfield XD-S Mod. 2 is an impressive little gun, and the upgrades from the original add to its performance capabilities. This gun is purpose built for defensive carry, from its enhanced short-reset trigger and tap-rack sight to its slim profile and compact frame.

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Is the xd9 a good carry gun?

It’s great for concealed carry, shoots smoothly, and is accurate despite the out-of-the-box sights sucking. It’s also an extremely affordable pistol at only $399 for the compact model, but can definitely be found for cheaper. Richard Douglas writes on firearms, defense, and security issues.2021-11-11

Is the XD-S a good carry gun?

Accuracy test protocols indicated that the XD-S Mod. 2, with its 3.3-inch barrel, should be tested at 15 yards. From that range on a fixed rest, this pistol is quite accurate for a compact carry gun.

What does S in XD-S stand for?

In January 2012, Springfield Armory announced a new variant, marketed as the XD-S. The ‘S’ represents the single-stack magazine used, providing a slimmer grip.

How much does the XD-S 45 hold?

5+1 capacity

Is the Springfield XD good for concealed carry?

The Springfield XD Sub-Compact is a fistful of firepower. It serves exceptionally well as both a concealed carry pistol and as a backup gun.2021-05-05

Did Springfield discontinue the XD?

Since the launch of the base model in 2017, the XD-E has been the only slim subcompact 9mm on the market that’s also double action/single action. However, in December 2021, Springfield Armory officially discontinued the XD-E series. That’s a retail lifespan of less than four years.2022-01-25

When did the Springfield XD Mod 2 come out?

2® GENESEO, ILL. (01/15/18) The evolution of the acclaimed XD-S pistol is finally here.2018-01-15

Is an XD a good pistol?

The 9mm XD Service pistol is an excellent example of a modern combat handgun. It is well built with excellent accuracy and an easy-to-learn trigger. The sights are clear and fast to use in all lighting conditions. When you hold and shoot this gun, you quickly realize why so many people are happy owners of it.2021-03-28

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Which is better Sig Sauer or Springfield?

The standard SIG Sauer P365 is slightly lighter than the Springfield Hellcat and a touch bulkier in height and width without any weapon accessories. However, the SIG P365 is still a handgun with better concealability than most, making it a well-liked option among gun enthusiasts since SIG Sauer began production.2021-12-13

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