What should a microsite have?

What should a microsite have?

What differentiates a microsite from a company blog or newsletter or any other branded platform is that it has its own independent URL—likely one that doesn’t include the name of the company sponsoring the site. If you have to register a new domain name, you’ve got yourself a microsite.2015-04-09

Why would you engage to microsite?

Microsites are a great way to promote brands and events — separately from their parent brand/company. They offer great freedom to design their web space according to individual brand characteristics, without any restrictions.2021-12-03

What is the point of a microsite?

A microsite is a branded webpage or a group of webpages, that exist separate from your main website. The idea behind a microsite is to offer yet another platform for potential customers to discover your brand with the objective that the unique content it holds will drive them to perform an action.2019-11-03

Why is microsite useful?

A microsite helps give your prospects and customers a place to go to find information specific to your product, project or campaign in great detail. It’s a good idea to have a blog that has updated information about the subject.2015-05-26

What is the difference between a microsite and landing page?

A post-click landing page is a single page, and it will always be published on its branded parent website. A microsite, on the other hand, can be more than one page, published either as part of the parent site or on its own. Where their similarities exist is in their size, purpose, and life.2020-01-03

Do microsites Help SEO?

While microsites can serve legitimate purposes, it’s not recommended to use them solely for SEO. For SEO, focus on getting your main website rank high by producing quality, well optimized content and building relevant links.

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What is the difference between a microsite and a website?

A microsite is a branded content site—or a “content hub”—that lives outside of your company website and/or brand URL. Microsites do not need to have completely different URLs; they can be subdomains of your main website or even a subdirectory within it.2021-12-13

What makes a good microsite?

Create a Unique URL The best microsites have unique, catchy URLs. The address is your brand’s first chance to show the message you want this site to share. The URL implies the purpose of the site both to users and to Google. Include a keyword or two if you can, but don’t sacrifice memorability for an SEO boost.

When would you use a microsite?

True to their name, a microsite is like a mini-website for your brand’s content. Brands often create these sites for a specific event or campaign. Having a microsite is convenient because it allows visitors to view information about an event or campaign in one place with no clicking through a whole site necessary.

What is the function of microsite?

A microsite is a single-function website that usually consists of just one page. They’re used to attract conversions for a specific task — usually, email sign-ups — or to bring awareness to a product or upcoming event.2021-03-31

What is an example of a microsite?

ElfYourself is a great example of a microsite meant to entertain loyal customers and generate brand trust and loyalty. Users are engaging with OfficeMax outside of transactions and sales, creating a positive familiarity.2019-11-22

What is the benefit of a microsite?

Compared to a larger website, a microsite provides a more focused and clearer presentation of your specific brand of product. Since it highlights and features only a specific product or service, your microsite gives potential customers a clearer and faster shopping experience.

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Are microsites a good idea?

Microsites Split Your Web Traffic This fragments your traffic and will diminish the search authority of your primary website. You essentially will also be competing with yourself for rankings and negatively impact the click through rate (CTR)—all of which in the end hurts your primary website’s long-term performance.2019-11-11

When should I create a microsite?

Brands often create these sites for a specific event or campaign. Having a microsite is convenient because it allows visitors to view information about an event or campaign in one place with no clicking through a whole site necessary.

What are microsite used for?

A microsite is a web page or small website made to promote a company’s product, service, campaign, or event. Microsites typically use a different domain or subdomain from the main company website and include links back to the main website, but act as a separate entity for the brand.2022-04-28

What is a microsite meaning?

As used in at least one leading Web design book, a microsite is a separately promoted part of a larger Web site. A microsite is designed to meet separate objectives and has a separate Web address (or Uniform Resource Locator) as its home page.

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