What temperature do you add phenoxyethanol?

What temperature do you add phenoxyethanol?

It is a biocide which is most active against Gram-negative bacteria. It is generally used in combination with other preservatives, in part because its activity is weak against yeast and mold. Phenoxyethanol is stable up to 85°C (185°F) and has useful activity from pH 3 to 10. Phenoxyethanol is soluble in most oils.

How do you make shea butter last longer?

Shea Butter can be stored in several different containers, from a zip lock plastic bag to a plastic container with a lid, to a glass jar or container. As long as you are keeping the air out- you are good to go!2019-02-17

Can you heat Optiphen?

Optiphen Plus preservative can be added at any phase of production. Heating processes up to 80°C are tolerated well. Optiphen Plus preservative works best when used in formulations with a pH below 6 and is compatible with most ingredients used in the personal care industry.

What preservative is used for lotions?

Different types include methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, isobutyl-paraben, etc. Parabens are widely used because they’re very effective at a low dose, especially compared to all the other preservatives out there. They have no smell or color, are very easy to use, and are generally well tolerated by our skin.2019-05-11

Is Optiphen Plus heat sensitive?

– Optiphen is not heat sensitive and can be added directly to the formulation with heat.

What is a natural preservative for body butter?

Vitamin E oil and rosemary antioxidant oil are good examples of natural stabilizers. We will often include these in homemade serums, massage oils, and lip gloss recipes to help preserve the integrity of the finished product. They are best added after the oil base has been mixed together with melted waxes and butters.2019-01-10

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Do you need preservatives in body butter?

If you’re making a product without water, or a water based liquid like aloe, then you don’t have to worry about a preservative. So oil-based items such as lip balms, salves, body butters, and lotion bars are all fine without a preservative.

How much preservative should I use?

Multiply the weight of your product by the usage rate percentage, and divide that number by 100. So, if your concoction weighs 50g and the usage rate is 2.5%, that would be 50 × 2.5 = 125. 125 ÷ 100 = 1.25. That means you should add 1.25g preservative to your concoction.

Do you need a preservative for lotion?

Just remember, to make good lotions and creams, you always need a natural preservative and an emulsifier. That way, your product will have a longer shelf life, and the ingredients won’t separate over time.

What temperature should I add Optiphen?

Optiphen can be used in a wide variety of personal care products including aqueous and anhydrous systems and emulsions. It can be added directly to the formulation during pre- or post-emulsification at or below 60°C (140°F).

At what temperature can you add Optiphen?

It can be added directly to the formulation during pre- or post-emulsification at or below 60°C (140°F).

Is Optiphen heat sensitive?

– Optiphen is not heat sensitive and can be added directly to the formulation with heat. However, Optiphen can destabilize some emulsions so for most emulsions, we recommend that Optiphen be added during POST-emulsification at or below 37.7°C (100°F).

How do you increase the shelf life of body butter?

You can extend the life of 100% oil based products by adding an antioxidant, like vitamin E, during the cool down phase. Adding anything that contains water (not just water, but hydrosols, teas, extracts, etc.) will bump your concoction to the other category and will drastically shorten the shelf life.

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What is a good preservative for body butter?

Phenonip – Amazing Preservative Used for Lotion, Cream, Lip Balm or Body Butter 4 Oz.

How do I use Optiphen Plus preservative?

You can use Optiphen Plus in any recipe your are using water in and it helps to protect against bacteria, mold growth and even yeast! Usage rate: . 75-1.5% of the total weight of the recipe and must be used at temperatures lower than 176 degrees.2012-06-12

How do you preserve shea butter?

To store unused Unrefined Shea Butter – wrap with saran wrap or place in a zip lock bag or in an airtight container & store in a cool dry place. Unrefined Shea Butter has a shelf life of 18 months to 24 months. It can still be used after that time but it will not be as effective.

How do you preserve body butter?

Infused oils and vinegars, as well as ingredients such as butters and beeswax, are also best stored in cool, dry places. Straining as much plant material as possible from your infusions before storing will also help them to last longer. Clean, snug, lids keep out light and oxygen.2019-01-10

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