Who can v date?

Who can v date?

Male V can romance both Panam and Kerry, while female V can romance both River and Judy. However, during Nocturne Op55N1, V will have to choose which of the two to call one last time. The character V chooses is then considered V’s primary romantic interest, and plays a role in the game’s various endings.

Should V or Johnny keep the body?

After this mission is complete, you’ll have a choice: have V return to their body, or let Johnny take full (and permanent) control. To get this ending, choose V. They return to their body, but only with six months to live; while Johnny goes beyond the Blackwall to possibly survive in cyberspace.2022-02-18

Should I choose V or Johnny?

Simply tell Johnny about another way and V throws the pills off the roof and will commit suicide. Johnny Silverhand shows disapproval, but also does nothing to interfere, understanding it is V’s choice. It is easily the saddest ending, not giving V or Johnny any hope.2021-05-27

Does V and Judy get together?

You’ll meet Judy very early in Cyberpunk 2077, and she’s a potential romantic partner for V. Judy is gay, so she is only romanceable if you play as female V. To successfully romance her, you have to play through her side jobs and make certain choices to win her favor.2020-12-10

Can you have a romantic relationship with Johnny Silverhand?

Being in a relationship can see that character appear in the ending epilogue. You can only enter into one relationship at a time – though, you’ll only have one or two options available to your V depending on your body type. No, you cannot romance Johnny Silverhand.2021-01-26

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Can Judy romance with male V?

Judy – V must have female voice and body type to romance. Panam – V must have male body type to romance, with any voice. River – V must have female body type to romance, with any voice.2022-03-17

Can I sleep with Judy cyberpunk?

Judy can be romanced but only by a female character with a female body type. In the final side quest, you can be intimate with her. The romance will take you to the waterside and be followed up by a steamy romantic scene in the cabin.2022-01-24

Can male v seduce Judy?

Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you romance Judy as male V, using datamined voice lines. If you’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077 as male V and looking for love, you might’ve been disappointed to learn that you cannot romance Judy. She’s explicitly written as gay, and only open to romance when you’re playing as a woman.2021-01-05

Can v get with Judy?

To romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077, you first need to meet a number of requirements. The first is both your body type (and likely also your voice tone) must be feminine. You make this choice when you create your character at the start of the game and, if you select male instead, you’ll be unable to romance Judy.2021-01-26

Is there any way to save V cyberpunk?

Evelyn Parker kills herself in Cyberpunk 2077 because of the trauma she endures, and it is not possible for V to save her regardless of any choices.

Should I let Johnny take over?

Let Johnny take over because it’s his body, and you get to go back to Night City to clear up a few missions. The construct known as V ends up merged with Mikoshi, while Johnny takes V’s body off on a new adventure. It’s a different kind of resolution, though there’s no telling if it’s canonical yet.2021-01-06

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Can male v romance Judy?

If you’ve been playing Cyberpunk 2077 as male V and looking for love, you might’ve been disappointed to learn that you cannot romance Judy. She’s explicitly written as gay, and only open to romance when you’re playing as a woman.2021-01-05

Can V romance Johnny?

Before you start Cyberpunk 2077, there are some important things to know upfront: Romance options available to you are influenced by V’s body type male or female and possibly voice tone, settings which you select at the very start of the game. … No, you cannot romance Johnny Silverhand.

How does Judy date a man v?

Last week, modders discovered male V is able to romance Judy in the PC version of the game via a simple code change inserted via the console command. Doing so means the Judy romance scene occurs with the male V body type with male voice over.2021-01-05

Should I let Johnny take my body?

If you let Johnny take your body, he’ll return to Earth and you’ll be able to explore a few last mini-quests with him as V. He will too eventually leave Night City in search of his own fresh start though. It’s another good option for those looking for some resolution.2022-02-16

What happens to V after cyberpunk?

After a series of missions where they raid Arasaka tower, V eventually connects into cyberspace and learns that they only have 6 months to live. If V decides to return to their body, they eventually leave Night City with Panam and the rest of the Aldecaldos.2021-11-08

How do you get Johnny and V ending?

Or: When talking to Johnny on the balcony, choose the dialogue option: “Gonna ask Panam for help.” Then proceed to take Omega Blockers. Later, pick the dialogue option “Body’s Johnny’s. I’ll go.” Finally, have V cross the bridge.2022-02-18

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Can you hook up with Judy cyberpunk?

To romance her, you’ll need to have a feminine voice and body type. After that, Judy will be pulled back into your story as part of the Automatic Love main quest, which requires you to try and track down Evelyn Parker again. Call her whenever prompted, and you’ll keep the option of romance alive.2022-03-17

Can you save both V and Johnny?

Cyberpunk 2077 has multiple endings, where either Johnny survives in V’s body or V himself. However, most of the courses do not end well for V after the final. Only one of the ends seems to be an open happy ending. That is the best ending: We are talking about the end that the success “The Star” brings with it.

Should I let Johnny take over to talk to rogue?

Go to the Afterlife Johnny wants to talk to Rogue to get her help in taking down Smasher, someone from their past. Make your way over to the Afterlife bar where rogue is and talk to Johnny to let him take over your mind.2020-12-31

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